we are pushing environmental boundaries

The latest in recycling and spray gun cleaning technology


Since 1982 at Unic International, we are proud to have been offering you the safest and greenest process for recycling and cleaning with our equipment. Now we introduce you to protecEarth a name that ensures you have the latest in recycling and spray gun cleaning technology. From low VOC, non-flammable cleaning fluid to the latest inline filtration for gunwash life extension, to solvent recovery systems when solvent is the only cleaning agent suitable.  You will know anything that bears the protecEarth name you are doing your bit to protect the environment and your operators whilst becoming more economical.

VOC Reduction ✔
Carbon Neutral ✔

We are paving the way to a greener manufacturing process.

The protecLV spray gun cleaner is an innovative dual-purpose machine capable of cleaning both solvent and water-based paints off a spray gun using one water-based cleaning fluid.  The protecLV spray gun cleaner is;

  • The most efficient spray gun cleaner available today.
  • The lowest VOC emitting spray gun cleaner available today.
  • The most effective spray gun cleaner available today.

With up to 80% reduction in VOC’s and up to 50% cost reduction, the protecLV is the spray gun cleaner of choice!

protecWash LV+

  • One fluid for solvent and water
  • Efficient up to 600 washes per 20 litres
  • Non- flammable
  • Non- hazardous to health
  • Biodegradable
  • Non-corrosive to spray guns
  • Safe for shipment
  • No air extraction needed

What do our customers have to say?

Over the last 40 years, we have been working with businesses from around the world to help them lower their VOC emissions, be kinder to the environment and save money in doing so. 

Our customers genuinely enjoy working with us, many of which have been customers from the very beginning in the 1970s.