UAC 20 Aerosol Crusher


Aerosol Crusher

Up to 4 aerosol capacity

Up to 8 aerosol capacity


The Unic Aerosol Crusher is a unique piece of equipment, capable of piercing, degassing and crushing waste aerosols, in many cases emptying the aerosol so it can be declassified and disposed as scrap metal waste helping you recycle your waste aerosols and reduce your health and safety risk for storage. Compaction of up to 80% and disposal costs savings to match, strong robust and reliable.

Main features:

  • 4 Aerosol Capacity (2 or 4 at a time)
  • Pierces aerosol
  • Gases absorbed by filtration
  • Up to 80% Compaction
  • Can can be recycled as non-hazardous waste
  • Safety interlock
  • Max aerosol size 260mm height
  • Reduced hazardous waste storage
  • ATEX compliant



Additional information


Reduced hazardous waste storage, Safety interlock

UAC20 Specifications

      Height: 1150mm | Width: 350mm | Depth: 300mm
       Weight: 40kg
   Force: 1200kg
     Air input:90-100psi

UAC25 Specifications

      Height: 1640mm | Width: 360mm | Depth: 360mm
       Weight: 90kg
   Force: 2500kg
       Air Input:100psi / 7bar | Air Connection:1/4”BSP

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