protecLV Spray Gun Cleaner


Low VOC Spray Gun Cleaner

Hybrid Cleaner
UPLV100Use with:
protec Wash LV+ cleaning fluid




Since 1982 at Unic International, we are proud to have been offering you the safest and greenest processes for recycling and cleaning with our equipment. Now we introduce to you protecEarth a name that ensures you have the latest in recycling and spray gun cleaning technology.
The UPLV-100 uses our protecWash LV+ a low VOC hybrid non-flammable cleaning fluid for cleaning both solvent and water based paint off the spray gun. With the addition of superior inline filtration for gun wash life extension, this makes the UPLV100 the most efficient and lowest VOC spray gun cleaner available in the market today.

Main features:

  • One machine one fluid
  • Solvent and water based
  • No evaporation
  • No air extraction
  • Non-flammable cleaning fluid
  • Automatic wash
  • Manual wash
  • Fully pneumatic
  • ATEX compliant and mixing room safe
  • Patent Pending


What the customers say;“The machine is very innovative and is better for the environment, we average up to 20 washes per day and we have achieved at least 600 washes from the drum the last 6 weeks”JamieMercedes AMG, Newcastle, UK

Additional information


Atex compliant, Automatic wash, Low VOC, Manual wash, Solvent & water based


  Height: 1470mm | Width: 986mm | Depth: 410mm

  Weight: 70kg

Air input: 75-100psi | Air connection: 1/4″Bsp

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