UGC1006 Mini Spray Gun Cleaner


Mini Spray Gun Cleaner

Twin Solvent and Water Based
UGC1006TWater Based
UGC1006ASolvent Based





The UGC1006 range of mini spray gun cleaners are ideal for intermediary cleaning or for use as SMART repair quick rinsing systems. A compact design, pumpless operation and a high powered clean rinse system. The 1006 is designed to be self-contained with 2ltr fluid containers included or if you require increased fluid capacity review the 1006C designed to be wall mounted with up to a 25litre drum feed.

Main features

  • New high powered rinsing system
  • Galvanised base
  • Stainless steel wash area
  • Air extraction
  • Pumpless operation
  • Low air consumption
  • High power low volume rinse facility
  • Clean fluid every wash
  • Cleaning brush
  • Air purge/drying facility
  • Side tray (single tank only)
  • Wall mountable
  • Suitable for use with large fluid drums up to 25ltrs
  • Gravity fed guns only

  Height: 800mm | Width: 500mm | Depth: 350mm

Air Input: 50-100psi /3.45-6.8bar | Air Connection: 1/4”BSP

Weight Single Tank: 14kg | Double Tank: 20kg

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