Edition 35 Compact

Edition35 Compact

Automatic Spray Gun Cleaner

Water Based

Solvent Based







We call it Edition 35, celebrating 35 years of Unic International. The new Edition 35 range boasts advanced spray cleaning technology and class leading build quality. The Edition35 Compact is an economy model with superior filtration for gun-wash life extension, removing paint contamination to deliver cleaning fluid every time you wash your spray gun.

Main features

  • Timed operation
  • Automatic wash
  • mini blue filter
  • Cleaner fluid, cleaner spray guns
  • Up to 75% increased life in gun wash
  • Up 75% reduction in gun wash waste
  • 5 year pump  warranty
  • Easy locate system
  • Air extraction (solvent model only)
  • Stainless steel wash tank
  • Superior inline filtration for gun wash life extension, Mini Little Blue Filter

Additional information


Air extraction, Atex compliant, Automatic operation, Gravity fed guns, Little Blue Filter, Manual wash, Mobile on wheels, Solvent based, Stainless steel tank, Water based

Height: 1020mm | Width: 440mm | Depth: 350mm

Air Input: 50-100psi /3.45-6.8bar | Air Connection: 1/4”BSP

Weight: 28kg

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