Hand Sanitiser Tower


Hand Sanitiser Tower



Helping the fight against virus transmission. We offer a large capacity hand sanitiser tower. 5-litre hand sanistiser capacity.
Ideal for the office, factory floor, school, public space, workshop, and many locations.


No requirement for power, air, or batteries

Main Features:

  • Unique handsfree, foot pump operation
  • Large 5-litre capacity
  • Free standing
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Powder-coated or stainless steel construction
  • Corporate branding available
  • Suitable for alcohol or water-based sanitisers
  • Supplied with 5-litres of WHO formula hand sanistiser*


  • Height: 1115mm (To spout)
  • Width: 400mm (Base Plate)
  • Depth: 400mm (Base Plate)
  • Weight: 17kg

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