ProtecWash LV+

Main features:

  • One fluid for solvent and water
  • Low VOC
  • Efficient up to 600 washes per 20 litres
  • Patent pending
  • Non-flammable
  • Non-hazardous to health
  • Biodegradable
  • Does not require rinsing (protecwash LV)
  • Non-corrosive to spray guns
  • Safe for shipment
  • Drain safe at source
  • Drain safe after use (*coming soon)
  • No air extraction needed
  • Available in 5 litre and 20 litre containers

What our customers say;

“We love the machine, I have got approximately 420 washes from the drum with a lot of paint contamination, over Fix Auto South Wales sites have achieved up to 600 washes”

Steve Peart, IRG, Wales.


“Very impressed with the cleaning and efficiency of the fluid, in some cases the protecWash LV+ cleans our difficult colours better than traditional solvent”

Dave, M****** Automotive.

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