UHW5001 Parts Washer


Parts Washer

Hot Water Parts Cleaner
UHW5001Hot Water Parts Cleaner (XL Unit)
UHW5001XLSolvent Parts Cleaner



Main Features:

  • Stainless steel tank
  • Double skin construction
  • Fully insulated tank
  • Flexi tap and flow thru brush
  • Lid closure
  • Heated to approximately 35oC
  • Bio- remediation optional
  • Cleaning area 500 x 710mm

Additional information


Double skin construction, Fully insulated tank, Lid closure

Height : 1100mm | Width : 750mm | Depth : 520mm | Width UHW5001 XL : 1100mm
 Tank Volumes : 50 Litres
 Electric : 240v (110v Optional 1.5kw) 3kw | Single Phase

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