UPS9002 Paint Shaker


Paint Shaker

Paint Shaker
UPS9002 + Safety Box

Paint Shaker Table


Main features:

  • Pneumatic paint shaker
  • Fully enclosed safety box
  • Safety shut off valves
  • ATEX compliant
  • Gas strut supported lid
  • Noise reducing <78db whilst in operation
  • Bench or stand mountable
  • Improves health and safety use of pneumatic shakers


Optional extras:

Pneumatic timer

Stand support

Fully constructed powder-coated steel table


Air inpt: 70-100psi | Air Consumption: 4.3CFM (122ltr/min)

Speed: 200 cycles / min | Capacity: 1 – 6 litres

Max can weight: 7kg | Max can size: 265mm high, 170mm diameter

Height : 500mm Width : 500mm Depth : 500mm

 Weight: 35kg excluding stand

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