UPCW25 Can Washer


Can Washer

1×25 Litres

Main features:

  • A new single high speed rotating jet paint can cleaner for paint buckets up to 25-litre capacity
  • Double diaphragm pump 40 lt/min capacity
  • Timed cycle

Can washers are usually made to order and can be designed for multiple Cans of varying sizes. They are suitable for water and solvent-based paints, let us know your requirements and we will be happy to quote you.

Additional information


Double diaphragm pump, Timed cycle


Height: 1160mm | Width: 845mm | Depth: 445mm

Weight: 65kg

Air input: 75-100psi / 5-7 bar | Air consumption: 5/9 CFM: 133/233 L/min

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