We were asked by Chris and the team at C4 Carbides to help them resolve an issue that we believe many people in the industry are having.

C4 Carbides found themselves spending too much money on disposal of the aerosol cans once they had been used, at Unic we were able to step in and help them save over £2,500 per year on disposal and save them space when storing the used cans.

What was the issue you were facing with disposing of waste aerosols?

We were spending a lot of money disposing of the cans and they were taking up a lot of space as we disposed of them in bulk.

What are the benefits of using the Unic UAC-20 aerosol crusher? 

By crushing the cans it allows us to put them straight into our metal scrap skip, so no disposal costs.

What is your estimated savings for the business from using the UAC-20?

I believe it works out to be between £2500 – £3000 per year.

Would you recommend the product?

I would recommend this unit, it’s easy to use, easy to service, and change filters. For us, it has been a great purchase.

UAC-20 Machine Specifications.

Main features:

Includes conversion plates to crush paint cans up to 5 litres

UAC20 – 4 Can capacity

Technical information:

Height: 1150mm

Width: 350mm

Depth: 300mm

Weight: 40kg

Force: 1200kg

Air input:90-100psi

Cylinder Specification:

Bore size: 160mm

Stoke length: 350mm

Would you like more information about the UAC-20? Get in touch with us and we will be happy to help you find the machine to suit your needs.

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